The Trace of God

A fine exploration of the meaningfulness of arguments from human experience to the reality of God

Ralph Hood, Jr.
The Psychology of Religion and Handbook of Religious Experience

Some much-needed scientific rigour on the subject of mysticism and religious experience

James Hannam
God’s Philosophers
(shortlisted, Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2010)

Hinman’s book will give you something to think about.

Nick Peters
Christian Answers to This Generation’s Questions (with J. P. Holding

A great contribution to discussions of the rationality of belief in God

William S. Babcock
Professor Emeritus of Church History, Southern Methodist University

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City Limit

A dark, gleaming jewel of a novel

Lis Harris, Columbia University, former New Yorker staff writer, author of Holy Days

harrowing, hard to put down and impossible to forget

Victor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver (Publishers Weekly Best Book 2012)

an intense, gritty novel with shades of Studs Lonegan and an atmosphere reminiscent of Mad Max

Bernard Rollin, author of The Unheeded Cry and The Frankenstein Syndrome

flows like a movie and rakes the soul

Carlos Castro Perelman, physicist, co-author of Against the Tide

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Our Cities Vanish

I love Ray's poetry

Fred Turner, Founders Professor University of Texas at Dallas and former editor, The Kenyon Review

conveys a power of insight, an excellent craftsmanship and an unabashed innate sense of the majestic nature of words that has been totally lost in modern poetry

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